Fire and Smoke Damage
When your home or business has been damaged by fire, the professionals at DRC Services are your best choice for full-service restoration. DRC Services offers the following when responding to fire or smoke damage.
Complete reconstruction or remodeling
Smoke damage - restoration
Smoke odor - removal / deodorization
Structure board-up
Demolition. cleanup, debris removal
Secure storage of furniture and appliances
Wall cleaning, preparation, painting

Storm & Wind Damage
Natural disasters can happen at a moment's notice. When a natural disaster occurs, call DRC Services to help with your cleanup process.
Emergency Repairs to structure
Roof Repair
Tree Removal
Special repair services resulting from external forces
Cleanup / debris removal
Secure storage of furniture and appliances
Generators and heaters

Water Damage
Damage due to flooding can be as devastated as a fire. Quick-response water extraction, proper drying, documentation and timely reconstruction are all services provided by the trained experts at DRC Services. To properly handle water damage, the experts at DRC Services offer a host of services.
Emergency structure repairs
Emergency roof weatherproofing
Carpet and floor cleaning and reinstallation
Ice storm and / or roof repair
Sump pumps
Controlled high-speed structure drying capabilities
Deodorizing and mildew treatment
Wall cleaning, preparation and painting
State-of-the-art equipment for emergency water extraction